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Selecting the best Cutting Board To suit your needs

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While in the marketplace a kitchen cutting board, there are numerous of products to consider. What materials are best - wood, plastic or glass? If the wood board, do I require an end grain or flat grain board? This informative article explores these questions so as to help you choose the right board for you personally.

What Material Do i need to Choose?

Basically, there are three choices - wood, plastic and glass. As a way to answer this question, you should figure out how the board is to be used. Are you preparing raw meats or mostly vegetables or both? How often will it be used - every single day, regular? Some boards be more effective for certain purposes as opposed to runners. Below is a listing of the differing types of boards along with their characteristics.

 End Grain Wooden Boards

This is the top notch in wooden cutting boards. End grain implies that the average person boards of wood are arranged in order that the grain from the wood runs vertically (up and down). Therefore, one end of every board lies up so your cutting surface is really eliminate many individual pieces of hardwood. With an end grain board, if the knife meets the top during cutting, the grain in the wood actually separates. It closes when the knife is taken away. Therefore, about to catch cutting the wood itself but cutting involving the fibers that's kinder with a knife's sharp edge.

These boards are resilient and therefore are often passed between generations. Also, they are beautiful in look causing them to be an attractive addition for any kitchen.

Flat Grain Cutting Boards

This kind of cutting board is made with the wood boards arranged horizontally so that the edges in the boards from the cutting surface. Generally, these boards are reversible to enable you to extend the life span of the board through the use of each side. Unlike the end grain boards, however, the knife cuts into the wood which may cause scaring.

Never the less, these boards are among the most popular due to their great value. The reason for this can be that are quicker to manufacture.

Plastic Cutting Boards

Plastic boards are made from polyethylene and therefore are also known as PE cutting boards. Lower than replacement these kinds of boards will be the ease of cleaning - they're is it dishwasher safe. Also, you can aquire different colors and make use of them for several purposes depending upon large. Red, by way of example, could be for raw meats while green would be used for vegetables.

As a result of softer the surface of plastic boards, knives may ultimately cause grooves within the surface that may harbor bacteria.

Glass Cutting Boards

Glass boards can be extremely very challenging to knives. This is because of the reality that glass is harder compared to finest steel utilized in knives. Knifes have been recognized to chip, dent and even roll when used for cutting on glass. Furthermore, glass could be broken or chipped making it possible to enter your food. The benefit of glass will be the simple cleaning. They are is it dishwasher safe.

Hopefully, this will provide the important information to select a cutting board which is good for you.

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Post by cuttingboard34 (2016-07-13 13:04)

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